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Departure of the Betrothed, Vittore Carpaccio, 1495

Departure of the Betrothed, Vittore Carpaccio, 1495

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Departure of the Betrothed - Vittore Carpaccio. 280x611

The largest canvas of the cycle of St. Ursula reveals its potential customer. At the foot of the pillar-flagpole, dividing the composition according to the principle of the golden section, a plate is clearly visible with the inscription: “VICTORIS CARPATIO VENETIS, OPUS.” ("The work of Victor Carpaccio, the Venetian") and the date, and in the center of the picture depicts a young blond-haired member of the Campania della Calza society. In his hands is a ribbon with a dedication inscription and letters that decode as the initials of Niccolo Loredan.

What is happening in the fantastic city and the fictional landscape nevertheless carries with it the accent of the everlasting Venetian festivity, since the plot provided the basis for that. The city was extremely concerned about the impression made, and in the arsenal of its decoration “on occasion”, carpets became the main means. Therefore, the image of an important event in the life of the saint is quite extrapolated to the contemporary artist with specific Venetian impressions, demonstrating the "true visibility" of a representative of a generation that is tightly attached to the world of reality. Carpets can often be found in Venetian religious painting and even in portraits, where they carried a symbolic world-order function, hinting at bliss in the gardens of Eden. Of course, the decorative patterning of carpets of various patterns, the sophistication of elegant fabrics add a special note of festive solemnity to the composition and demonstrate Carpaccio's mastery of the subtleties of color, his joyful admiration for life.

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