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The Appearance of Sibyls to Emperor Augustus, Paris Bordone

The Appearance of Sibyls to Emperor Augustus, Paris Bordone

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Appearance of Sibyl to Emperor Augustus - Paris Bordone. 165x230

The painting is an early example of an composed architectural landscape in Italian art. According to Paris Bordone himself (1500-1571), he depicted "five architectural orders in the future." The heroes of the legend of the prophecy of the Tiburtinskaya Sibyl in this ideal space are only staffages.

Kneeling August depicted in the center of the composition next to the sybil pointing to the sky, where the Madonna and Child are revealed in the clouds. To the left of Augustus is a servant with an imperial rod in his hand. However, the main character here is the impeccably built space of the ancient city. The artist demonstrates excellent direct perspective possession and knowledge of the order system of ancient architecture. Having secondary characters on the stairs and in the porticoes of the building, Bordone creates an almost theatrical mise-en-scene. The reliefs on the basement of the building on the left side of the painting glorify the military victories of Emperor Augustus.

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