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Venus blindfolding Amur, Titian Vecellio

Venus blindfolding Amur, Titian Vecellio

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Venus blindfolding Amur - Titian Vecellio. 118x185

In the late period of creativity Titian (circa 1488-1576) was captured by the creation of dramatic paintings on Christian subjects, but antiquity still attracted him. The artist shared the belief of the Neoplatonists that the contemplation of beauty elevates a person. That is, beauty had a religious meaning for him.

That’s why this work, known under various names, is not only a game of artistic imagination on mythology topics: Venus blindfolded Amur, and one of the nymphs gives him a bow, so that love arrows would be fired at random. Attention is drawn primarily to beautiful women, their faces with classic features, light golden skin, silky hair, soft gestures. Venus is full of calm dignity, the lively warmth warming everything around her is emphasized by Amur, who buried herself in the shoulder of the love goddess - he clung to her like a child to his mother. Beauty takes on this picture a maternal, life-giving beginning.

There is an impression that the canvas of Titian breathes, and for good reason: by the time this work was created, he had come to a new pictorial style. His canvases of that period look like clusters of randomly laid strokes, but as soon as the viewer takes a few steps back, he will see images literally woven from his eyes, woven from color and light.

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