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The Last Supper, Juan de Juanes - description of the painting

The Last Supper, Juan de Juanes - description of the painting

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The Last Supper - Juan de Juanes. 116x191

The real name of the famous Spanish artist Juan de Juanes (circa 1528-1579) is Vicente Juan Masip. After studying the work of Raphael, Juanes returned to Spain and in his canvases sought to imitate the style of the great master. Outside of Spain, the works of the painter are very rare. The Prado Museum has remarkable paintings by Juanes: five paintings with episodes from the life of St. Stephen, “Descent from the Cross” and “The Last Supper”.

The Last Supper - Gospel story presented in many icons and paintings. So called the last secret in connection with the persecution of Christianity, the meal of Jesus with the disciples. The painters usually depicted one of the two dramatic moments of the supper: either the confirmation by Christ of the sacrament of the sacrament, or His prophecy about the upcoming betrayal of one of the disciples. Juanes gives each of the apostles a vibrant personality. Jesus is staring at Judas, the only one of all the apostles who has no halo.

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