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Portrait of Juan Mateos, Diego Velazquez - description

Portrait of Juan Mateos, Diego Velazquez - description

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Portrait of Juan Mateos - Diego Velazquez. 109x90

The presented portrait depicts Juan Mateos, the royal chasseur in Madrid. This fact gives him special significance: Velasquez in this case did not write any of the members of the royal family or the jesters that entertained them, which he had to do according to his status as a royal artist. He portrayed the organizer of the royal hunts. In the 1630s and 1640s, the master created a large number of portraits. For two decades, they constituted a whole gallery of representatives of Spanish society. His canvases are impressive, first of all, by their striking resemblance to models, and the authenticity of their appearance.

This portrait has long been considered to belong to the brush of Rubens, since in the style of Velazquez of this period there is a resemblance to Rubens. In 1628, when Rubens visited Madrid, the two artists met and became friends. Nevertheless, the truth triumphed, and the authorship of the portrait was established.

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