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Self Portrait, Pablo Picasso, 1907

Self Portrait, Pablo Picasso, 1907

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Self portrait - Pablo Picasso. 50x46

Pablo Picasso painted quite a few of his own images and, interestingly, in different artistic styles. By this time, the creative manner of the master has undergone significant changes, becoming very unexpected and innovative for his time. In 1905, under the influence of Cezanne's painting, he sought to give forms more simplicity, material weight and significance. These trends intensified during a trip in the summer of 1906 to Andorra, where Picasso first turned to primitivism, sensual and formal. By 1907, the most famous and innovative works of this period of creativity were created - Nudes and Avignon Girls (both of which are now in the Museum of Modern Art in New York).

The image that the painter created is very unusual. He ruthlessly turned the shapes of his face into geometric blocks, deliberately exaggerating and coarsening his appearance. Working as a hard line, Picasso deprives the picture of chiaroscuro, a catchy and abstract dark red background enhances the flatness and expressiveness of the self-portrait. A sad, serious and alarmed-tense person looks from the picture, it seems that some hidden pain turns his face into a mask, behind which he tries to hide his deeply vulnerable soul. “Who is sad is sincere,” the artist considered.

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