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Museum of Oriental Arts (Guimet Museum), Paris, France

Museum of Oriental Arts (Guimet Museum), Paris, France

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Paris Museum of Oriental Arts (Guimet Museum) founded a Frenchman who was interested in the religion of other countries. Visitors are greeted by a magnificent sitting statue 5 meters high. It belongs to the era of the Khmer Empire, which existed from the 9th to the 15th centuries. and was in the territory of modern Cambodia.

At the end of the 19th century, France sent archaeologists to various Asian countries. All finds in these countries form the basis Guimet Museum. Thus, the museum boasts the richest collections of Buddhist art in both quality and quantity.

One of the best exhibits of the museum is a statue of kneeling Tara. Her face breathes dignity and a deep sense of spirituality. This is typical for Buddhist sculptures of that time.

The hall of Indian art presents the earliest statues of Buddhism religion. In this room is a sculpture of the Bodhisattva, which is considered a masterpiece of Ganthar sculpture. Gathara is the territory of modern Northern Pakistan and Afghanistan, which reached its peak in the 1-3 centuries. BC.

The foundation of the museum's collection was laid by a merchant who was passionately keen on oriental religions. Guimet Museum - a treasury of oriental art. It gives an idea of ​​the variety of forms of religious worship in Asia, and what changes have occurred in prayer rites with the spread of Buddhism throughout the region.

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