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Brandhorst Art Museum, Germany, Munich

Brandhorst Art Museum, Germany, Munich

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Munich Brandhorst Art Museum a very young museum, which opened on May 21, 2009. We can say that this is a museum of a new generation.

Everyone knows perfectly the “Henkel” company, but few people know who owned it. Husband and wife Anette and Udo Brandhorst were known not only as the owners of this company, but also as the largest collectors of paintings.

When Anette died (this happened in 1999), Udo Brandhorst donated to Munich his huge collection, which contained more than 700 paintings. But this is not all that Bnadhorst did for the future museum. He opened a bank account in the amount of at 120 million euros (just imagine for a moment what kind of money it is), and the museum is supposed to make purchases on the percentage of this money. The only thing the philanthropist required was to build a new building to house exhibits. So the Museum of Brandhorst arose.

It is still not clear what financial means the buildings for the museum were built (state or Udo himself), but the building turned out to be magnificent, and organically fit into the surrounding buildings. Museum Architects Martin Sauerbruch and Louise Hatton. The building turned out to be very bright, especially if you look at it from afar, all the colors are visible (there are more than 23 of them).

Museum of Brandhorst possesses the largest collection in the world of paintings Saya Twombly. The museum housed only 160 paintings of 700. Why so little you ask? The answer to this question is very simple, the paintings are so large that they occupied almost all the halls. The same Twombly collection occupied the entire second floor, but on the first there is a collection of paintings from the Lepanto and Roses series. Also, the museum still has a lot of paintings, both contemporary (Warhol, Richetre, Boyce), and painters of the 20th century, which are very interesting.

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