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Jewish Museum in New York, USA

Jewish Museum in New York, USA

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Each nation provides the world with its own culture to not only show its traditions and beliefs, but also to share the rich heritage of its ancestors. Museums in the United States provide the world with a huge collection of cultures of different nations, as this is a multinational country, and every nation wants to contribute to the overall development of the history of art.

Amid a wide variety of cultures and peoples, in the heart of New York, jewish museum. It is located on the famous Museum Mile in Manhattan so beloved by all. The historic building itself takes place on the well-known Fifth Avenue in building 1109.

The building itself with its magnificent appearance attracts great attention. Built after the project of the talented architect C. Hilbert in 1908, it perfectly preserved its scenery and their bizarre elements. The exterior facade dissolves in the aftertaste of French Gothic style. The construction of an extension to the main building allowed to double the area for exhibitions, thereby enriching the museum.

Jewish Museum in New York It contains about 26 thousand items of exhibit, which gives it the status of the largest collection in the field of Jewish culture in the whole world. The main theme is the depiction of history and culture, from biblical times to modern times.

Here, specific sculptures, large canvases of paintings, rare archaeological finds, monetary units, objects of worship, the press, collections in ethnographic style and much more will please the eye. The purpose of such a cultural house is the idea of ​​transmitting to visitors a unique style of Jewish spiritual tradition from ancient times to these days, in order to recreate the cultural unity of representatives of this race living in different parts of the world. In order to bring this vision to life most effectively, the proof is a long-term exhibition, entitled “Culture and Persistence: The Jewish Way”.

In the 1960s, this cultural house did a lot for the widespread popularization of contemporary art. The most distinguished exhibition was “Primary Structures”, which opened a free path to such a trend as minimalism. And already in the 70s of the 20th century, this house contributes to the active maintenance of the historical cultural tradition of the Jews, and begins to hold exhibitions of works by prominent artists of this nationality.

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