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Reina Sofia Art Center, Spain, Madrid

Reina Sofia Art Center, Spain, Madrid

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«Reina Sofia Art Center"- a magnificent museum, which is located in Madrid, and is included in the so-called" Golden Triangle of the Arts of Madrid ".

The museum is named after Queen Sofia, which in our days governs the country. The Spaniards are very fond of this museum, and even gave it the nickname - Reina (translated from Spanish means “Queen”) and Sofida (and this name was given due to the fact that the museum is very similar to the Pompidou Museum in France).

The museum began its work in 1986. At first, he worked as an exhibition center, which housed sculptures of modern masters. But already in 1988, by royal order, the Museum of the Queen Sofia Center for the Arts received status National Museum of Spain. In addition, the decree specified that the museum's exposition should expand and consist of works of art of the 20th century, mainly by Spanish masters.

The official opening of the National Museum “Queen Sofia Center for the Arts” took place in 1992. There were a lot of guests, including the queen herself with her family. The museum has increased many times due to its new collection, and therefore an old building, which used to be a hospital, was given into its possession.

A new kind of museum was created by a talented French architect - Jean Nouvel. Reconstructions were carried out until 2005, after which the museum expanded more than half. Many tourists wanted and want to look at the new look of the museum, which is truly magnificent. Huge windows and flights of stairs attract attention, as if inviting to come in. Around the building grow trees that were not cut down during the construction process, which makes the museum even more attractive.

The total amount of reconstruction of the museum "Reina Sofia Art Center”Amounted to more than 30 million euros, and this is not the end, and the buildings next to the museum will also be subject to reconstruction.

At the first inspection of the museum building, a unique elevator that is brought out is immediately evident.

Several floors of the Queen Sofia Center for the Arts Museum intended for temporary exhibitions, only on the 3rd floor is a permanent collection of contemporary Spanish art, the pearl of which is a painting by Pablo Picasso - “Guernica”, transferred to the museum from another gallery in Spain. After receiving this painting, the Queen Sofia Center for the Arts became in a row with the most famous museums in the world.


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