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Santa Cruz Museum, Toledo, Spain

Santa Cruz Museum, Toledo, Spain

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One of the popular museums in Spain is Santa Cruz Museum, which contains the world's largest collection of paintings by El Greco. The building in which the museum is very ancient, it was built in the 16th century.

Santa Cruz used to be a hospital, which began to build back in 1494. The construction did not last long, but it didn’t stand out especially after the completion of the construction. The only thing that attracted attention was the 4 buildings led by the hospital, which formed the cross. It is very beautiful aerial view. In those days, hospitals were not intended to treat patients, but so that the patient could come there and leave this world with peace of mind. The rooms of the Santa Cruz hospital (and now the museum) were located in such a way that the prayer delivered by the minister of the church could be heard in all corners of the hospital.

Now Santa Cruz Museum Refurbished and looks great. The courtyard near the museum is impressive. Beautifully trimmed lawns, several small green trees. Near the two-story gallery, with unusual arches. It was in this building that several styles converged, since scientists suggest that not one, but two architects worked on these buildings. The medieval style is replaced by a renaissance aesthetic.

During the Spanish Civil War, the museum building was severely damaged. But by 1958 the museum was restored and an exhibition was held in it. The museum exposition tells about religious art from the Middle Ages to the present day.

One of the features of the museum is that admission is free, but tickets must still be purchased at the box office. Photographing in the museum is prohibited, so the photo support of this article about the museum will be very meager.

The three main halls of the museum: archaeological, painting and sculpture and applied art. Many museums donated their exhibits to the Santa Cruz Museum. Here you can find a good collection of paintings by Spanish artists, and El Greco's paintings even have a separate room.

At the Santa Cruz Museum You can see various tapestries, ancient weapons, sarcophagi, ancient tools, the remains of a mammoth, beautiful sculptures and much more.

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