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Brooklyn Museum in the USA, New York

Brooklyn Museum in the USA, New York

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Brooklyn Museum one of the richest and oldest museums in the world, which is located in the beautiful halls of the palace - a magnificent building of the academic classical style. The museum is truly huge, its total area is more than fifty thousand square meters. The permanent collection of this unique museum is famous not only in the USA, but throughout the world. Here are collected monuments of art and culture of different eras and peoples, ranging from the masterpieces of ancient Egypt to the best examples of contemporary art.

The museum is located just half an hour from downtown Manhattan and belongs to the architectural ensemble of the nineteenth century, which also includes the famous Brooklyn Botanical Garden and Prospect Park with a zoo. The museum building was erected at the end of the nineteenth century according to the project of very famous American architects White, Mac Kim and Mead.

This museum was created not for intellectuals sophisticated in art, but for everyone and everyone. Originally Brooklyn Museum Exposition It was a collection of everything that could serve the cause of educating the American nation. The basis of the exposition was the library of General de Lafayette. This man was a hero of the American revolution. On his initiative, from the very first days of the museum’s work, works of American artists were acquired for his exposition, thus, one of the most advanced collections of American painting and sculpture art has developed here.

Gradually Brooklyn Museum won tremendous fame. Currently, this is an art museum, which presents works not only by American artists, but the magnificent works of European artists. In addition, the museum presents the unique household items of America of those times when it was not yet discovered by Columbus, as well as Africa, Oceania and ancient Egypt.

The museum often hosts brilliant temporary exhibitions, thanks to which visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the amazing graphic works of Winslow Homer, the magnificent painting of Leah Krasner and even a collection of archaeological exhibits. An interesting exposition of the museum is represented by an exhibition called "Family album". Her exhibits are paintings, drawings, sculptural compositions that are stored in private collections. Here you can see a huge number of real masterpieces. These are the magnificent paintings of Picasso, as well as the famous works of Degas, Modigliani, Rodin, Matisse, Warhol and Sargent.

But not only the Brooklyn Museum is widely known for its unique collection. There are demonstrations of the best cinematographic works of the year, concerts and festivals.

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