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Mercedes Museum (Mercedes-Benz) in Stuttgart. Museum Address

Mercedes Museum (Mercedes-Benz) in Stuttgart. Museum Address

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The German company Mercedes-Benz has strengthened its position in the automotive market so much that by 2006 the head of the company decided to build Mercedes Museum.

The building has 9 floors and is made in the form of a spiral. The area of ​​the museum is approximately 53 thousand square meters, which is not much less than the area of ​​the Porsche Museum. There is a racing car in front of the museum. Mercedes-Benz W196, behind the wheel of which sits the famous race car driver - Juan Manuel Fangio. This car is also called "Silver arrow».

The museum is very interesting, especially for fans of the Mercedes brand. The tour starts on the 9th floor, where the original elevator will deliver you. Audio guides are attached to everyone who wants to, who can tell you about any museum exhibit in different languages, including Russian.

In the Mercedes Museum you can find both modern cars and very old ones. In total, the museum has more than 1,500 exhibits, among which there are trucks, cars, sports cars, as well as motorcycles.

One of the "favorites" of the public is Mercedes-Simplex 40PS. This is the only car of this brand that has "survived" to this day. It was produced in 1902. Also visitors like Mercedes-Benz 150H, which survived all over the world only 5 pieces.

For lovers of extreme driving, special Mercedes racing cars are provided, sitting in which everyone can feel the same as the rider. Such cars are located in the hall where sports Mercedes.

The collection of Mercedes buses is quite impressive. In the hall where they are presented, you can even find a fire truck, which was released in 1912, as well as an ambulance 1937. There is a museum in Stuttgart.

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