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Venus asking Vulcan for armor for Aeneas, F. Boucher, 1732

Venus asking Vulcan for armor for Aeneas, F. Boucher, 1732

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Venus asking Vulcan for armor for Aeneas - Francois Boucher. 1732

Aeneas, the hero of the poem Virgil Aeneid, was destined to land in Italy and lay the city of Rome. Venus, mother of Aeneas, repeatedly came to his aid. The picture of Boucher (1732) shows the naked Venus, the goddess of beauty and love, sitting coquettishly on a cloud surrounded by swans and pigeons - these birds are considered her attributes. She looks at her Vulcan's husband and asks him to make armor for his son.

The court painter of the French king Louis XV, Boucher was criticized because he was too indulging in his desires and did not portray anything more serious than putti, nymphs and half-naked women. But his light, graceful style, characteristic of the Rococo art, was ideally suited for paintings, jewelry, tapestries and decorations of the royal palace.

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