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The largest museum in the world

The largest museum in the world

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We bring to your attention photographs of the largest museum in the world, taken right in its halls. After the image is enlarged, it can be opened in full size by clicking on the square icon at the bottom of the photo.

The main staircase in the LouvreFoyer of the Louvre

Many are interested in what kind of museum is the largest in the world. This is an interesting question, but it is difficult to give a definite answer. Someone is interested in the attendance of the museum, someone in its area or height. But still, we are inclined to the fact that the majority of those interested in this issue want to learn about the largest museum, in terms of the territory it occupies. In this article we will look at several museums that fit the definition the largest museum in the worldto give the fullest possible answer.

Until recently, the largest museum in the world was considered The louvre museum, which we talked about repeatedly on our website. But many will not agree with this opinion, since the entire Internet writes that the Louvre is only the third in the world in this indicator. And then what is the second and first ?, - no one mentions this. Of course, no one will walk and measure up to a centimeter the length of the museum or its height, but until 2007, it was believed that the Paris Louvre was the largest. Its territory is more than 160 thousand square meters. These are very impressive numbers.

Hall of Italian PaintingHall where the Mona LisaRoyal apartments of Napoleon III

The world's largest art museum

Now let's see what happened in Japan in the city of Tokyo. And what happened in Japan the world's largest art museum opened. Yes exactly art, which in no way can claim the title of the largest museum in its area. This can be confirmed by the fact that the exhibition area of ​​the museum is more than 14 thousand square meters, while the Louvre places its exhibits on an area of ​​58 470 square meters! And despite the fact that this art museum has teamed up with two magnificent art galleries Mori and Santori, and almost $ 300 million has been spent on its creation, it still loses to its French counterpart - the Louvre.

Now let's deal with Vatican Museums, which you can read more about in a special article on our website. Many write that it is the Vatican Museums that occupy the most extensive territory. We’ll answer right away - this is not entirely true. Let's get it right. The Vatican has a population of about 800 people. The area of ​​the country itself is about 0.5 square kilometers. The Vatican Museums houses about 10 thousand exhibits. Now, with simple mathematical reflections, we get that in terms of the number of works of art per unit area (or number of inhabitants), the Vatican occupies the first place in the world. That's all, about no one of the largest vast territory occupied by the Vatican Museums is out of the question. Therefore, we will continue to consider our urgent issue, and you can study the article on Sistine Chapel.

The Louvre Museum - the world's largest museum

After looking at a few more sites, the question of the largest museum in the world is no longer a question for me. This is the Louvre. You can safely argue and prove your case in this matter. Well, why did I write until recently, you ask. Yes, because many have already begun to doubt it, and many have changed their minds in connection with the fake articles published on many sites. But not only because of this, but also because a museum is being built in Turkey, called the Museum of Civilizations. The government convinces everyone that by 2023 the construction will be completed and timed to coincide with the centenary of the founding of Turkey. If so, the Louvre will be in second place, and the largest museum in the world will be the Museum of Civilizations in Turkey.

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