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Hall of Aurora, Giovanni Francesco Barbieri Guercino

Hall of Aurora, Giovanni Francesco Barbieri Guercino

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  • Author: Giovanni Francesco Barbieri Gvercino
  • Museum: Ceiling light of the Villa Ludovisi casino (Rome)
  • Year: C. 1621
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Description of the picture:

Hall of Aurora - Giovanni Francesco Barbieri Gverchino. C. 1621

Gverchino lived in Rome from 1621 to 1623. During this period he created several remarkable works, including frescoes on the ceilings of two floors of the Villa Ludovisi, commissioned by Cardinal Ludovisi, the nephew of the Pope. Fresco aurora (1621-1623) adorns the ceiling of the lobby, where the artist's elaborate architectural "tricks" frame the picture and create the effect of an open sky. Rushing through the morning sky in his magic chariot, Aurora scatters flowers and disperses the dark night clouds under the gaze of his elderly husband Titon.

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