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Tampere Police Museum, Finland

Tampere Police Museum, Finland

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Today police museumwhich is located in the building Tampere Police High School, not only devoted to history, but also to the current state of affairs regarding the Finnish police. This museum is one of the newest buildings in Finland.

Police Museum in Finland was opened in 2008 and immediately received the status of a national museum. Since 2011, the museums of Finland have received the title of “European Museums of the Year”, which undoubtedly increased the fame of the museums of this country, including the museum under consideration. Some of the exhibits that are present in the museum today were donated by ordinary citizens. As a result of this, the exposition of the police museum constantly increased and grew to enormous size.

Here you can see about one thousand feature films and documentaries, 60 thousand photographs, as well as 66 thousand objects that are related to the work of the Finnish police. The museum is engaged not only in exhibition activities, but also in research work, which aims to constantly improve the work of the police. The museum constantly operates the Children's Police Station, in which the younger generation can learn a lot for themselves, as well as find themselves behind bars, or feel like a real guardian of order. This is a good life lesson that everyone needs to learn so that in the future not to commit any atrocities.

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