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In the boat, Edouard Manet, 1874

In the boat, Edouard Manet, 1874

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In the boat - Eduard Manet. 97.2x1Z0.2

The painting was painted in the summer of 1874. It was here, where the Impressionists preferred to paint in the open air, Manet worked next to Renoir and Monet. The meeting with these artists in many respects determined the choice of bright bright color of the canvas and a typical impressionist theme - entertainment of the middle Paris bourgeoisie.

Pictured male brother-in-law of the artist Rudolf Lenhoff; the woman’s identity has not been established. The scene is viewed from a very high point, which turns the water into a kind of blue wall, reminiscent of a stage backdrop deprived of depth, growing vertically behind the figures. A similar technique can be seen in Japanese engravings, a great interest in which has always been shown, like many impressionists, by Claude Monet. On this canvas, the French artist departs from the dark color drawn from Spanish painting, referring to a brighter color scheme based on white, blue and brown tones.

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