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View of the Grand Canal in Venice - W. Turner, 1835

View of the Grand Canal in Venice - W. Turner, 1835

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View of the Grand Canal in Venice - Joseph Mallord William Turner. 91.4x122.2

Outstanding English landscape painter Turner moved away from Constable's analytical accuracy, focusing on light and color. The artist managed, neglecting the outlines of the figures, to create compositions dominated by air permeated by vibrating light. Probably, not one of the cities was so in tune with his constant artistic search as Venice, where the painter visited many times.

This Veduta, written by Turner on top of his fame, depicts the Grand Canal from the side of the church of Santa Maria della Salutewhich is visible on the right. To the left, behind a galaxy of palaces, you can see the bell tower of St. Mark's Cathedral and the Doge's Palace. Turner uses a drawing (which he was fluent in) to give the composition a depth effect, although he is more interested in reproducing on canvas the joyful atmosphere of Venice, the transparency of the sky and water, in which the contours of figures and buildings dissolve into pure light. This painting, exhibited along with Turner's four other works at an exhibition organized by the Royal Academy in 1835, was recognized as one of the most attractive works of the artist.

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