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Portrait of Princess de Broglie, Ingres

Portrait of Princess de Broglie, Ingres

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Portrait of Princess de Broglie - Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres. 121.3x90.8

Portrait of Princess de Broglie, a woman of rare beauty, who was highly respected in her surroundings, is a typical artistic embodiment of the image of the aristocracy of the Second Empire. The light illuminating the lady on the right follows the compositional scheme loved by the artist. The Ingres gives the lady a pose that emphasizes the nobility of her posture, and at the same time imparts restraint to a dreamy and languid look, accompanied by a slight hint of a smile.

The artist’s skill in the materialized image of jewelry, brocade chairs, and transparency of lace is amazing. It seems that you hear the rustle of a shining dress made of blue silk, which reflects the slightest changes in light in subtle modulations of shades and midtones cast in all colors.

The art of Ingres, unfairly glorified as cold classicism, is in reality a search for the highest and eternal values ​​within the framework of classical traditions, of which the artist felt proud to continue.

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