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Portrait of Don Manuel Osorio and Zunig, Francisco Goya

Portrait of Don Manuel Osorio and Zunig, Francisco Goya

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Portrait of Don Manuel Osorio and Zunig - Francisco Goya. 127x101.6

The genius of Goya was a unique phenomenon in the Spanish art of the turn of the 18-19 centuries, which he elevated to the greatness of former times. The artist’s creativity passed through the last Rococo period, reaching the threshold of realism and revealing itself in a huge variety of subjects. In portraits, almost a century anticipating romantic ideas, the Spanish master was able to reveal the psychological essence of the characters through the appearance.

This is a canvas depicting little Osorioborn in 1784 is one of a series of cross-sectional portraits commissioned by Count Altamira. A child dressed in a bright red suit is placed on a monochrome background, which focuses on his figure. In the baby’s hands is a lace tied to the magpie’s foot, which, justifying its glory as a “thief”, holds in its beak the visiting card of the artist, who puts his signature at work in such an original way. Other animals depicted in the picture contain a symbolic meaning that indicates how illusory the border is between the naive children’s world and the evil forces lurking in it.

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