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London Museum of Childhood

London Museum of Childhood

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London Museum of Childhood similar and at the same time completely not like his brothers. In this case, the story of children's culture is addressed primarily to the youngest visitors themselves, that is, to its direct carriers.

Museum of Childhood - A branch of the Victoria and Albert Museum, famous for its rich artistic and historical collections. And although he is much more modest than his “elder brother”, he can bring joy to no less than adults and children.

The museum occupies two floors. Although there are always a lot of people, there is enough space for everyone: both children and adults. What is not in the museum! Various wooden horses of different sizes, dolls, cars and even a real sandbox!

For example, princess daisy. Any girl gasps when she sees the "dowry" of this beauty: a lot of dresses for hats, gloves, dishes and even jewelry - the princess can not do without them! Daisy was born in 1894 and was an exhibit at the international exhibition in Amsterdam. The money that visitors paid to admire her was then donated to charity. The doll made a long tour ending in England, where it became the main prize in a charity lottery. But a generous donor did not come for a win, and then they decided to give the doll to the two-year-old Princess Mary, but the crowned parents decided that the girl was too small for such a valuable toy, and transferred it to the Victoria and Albert Museum. Now the new princes and princesses, along with their subjects, are coming to the museum to admire Daisy.

The museum is like a giant playground where no one interferes with your game. And although from the very early morning parents and children flock here from all directions, there is enough space for everyone. And they don’t take money for this miracle!

In the museum you can visit fascinating exhibitions, work out in an art studio, take part in a carnival festival or a theatrical performance. There are special programs for parents (apparently, so that they do not interfere with children playing calmly).

And museum workers conduct field events for the surrounding schools, because the museum is not located in the most prosperous area and, realizing this, its employees are trying to bring to the people reasonable, kind, eternal and ... funny.

If you decide to visit the Museum of Childhood, it is easy to find it, although it is not located in the very center of London. You need to get to the station Benthal Green, and then - five minutes on foot. Landmark - parents with children. Follow them - do not get lost.

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