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Communion of St. Jerome, Domenichino (Domenico Zampieri)

Communion of St. Jerome, Domenichino (Domenico Zampieri)

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Communion of St. Jerome - Domenichino (Domenico Dzampieri). 419x256

In the work of Domenikino, a pupil of the Bologna art school, the features of baroque and early classicism found expression, as can be seen in the example of this picture. She was commissioned by the congregation. St. Jerome for the church of the same name in Rome.

The master presented a scene that is quite rare in painting: the last communion of the saint, surrounded by students. An elderly scientist and hermit, having sensed the approach of death, is ready for the last time to partake of the Holy Gifts, which the priest carefully presents to him. At the feet of Jerome lies a lion walking behind him, a candle is burning in the corner of the church, symbolizing a life full of service to God.

Domenikino conveyed the solemnity of the moment and, as a painter of his time, filled the picture, albeit slightly hidden, but with expression, visible in the characters' poses and gestures. A landscape shining in a wall opening opens the space of composition, as was customary in baroque and classic painting, revealing to the sky a sky ready to accept the soul of Jerome.

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