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The Tower of Babel, Peter Brueghel the Elder - description of the painting

The Tower of Babel, Peter Brueghel the Elder - description of the painting

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Tower of Babel - Peter Brueghel the Elder. 60x74.5

There is a story in the Bible about how the inhabitants of Babylon tried to build a high tower to get to heaven, but God made them speak different languages, ceased to understand each other, and the tower remained unfinished.

In the Bruegheel-era Netherlands, the “Babylonian pandemonium” served as an allegory of human stupidity and sinful arrogance, but the content of his picture is by no means reduced to this.

The powerful cylindrical body of the tower rises above the flat coast. It has risen above the clouds. Unlike the mountains created by nature, it has a harmonious regularity, geometric correctness of volume. This is the creation of the human mind, human hands. Let the people themselves appear next to him as barely noticeable dark spots, the picture proudly glorifies the greatness of their work. Despite the relatively small size (60X74.5 cm), it amazes with the power of the artistic language, the particular breadth of the world view embodied in it.

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