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Portrait of a man with an arrow, Hans Memling

Portrait of a man with an arrow, Hans Memling

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Portrait of a man with an arrow - Hans Memling. 31.3x25.1

The art of Hans Memling, the leading Dutch painter, is presented in the National Gallery in Washington quite fully - only collections of Belgian museums can compare with this collection.

In the field of the portrait genre, Memling achieved outstanding success and in many respects contributed to the development of Dutch art, having prepared its heyday in the 16th century. The artist painted various people: burghers, merchants from the Italian colony of the city of Bruges, visiting British. He portrayed them as donors, organically incorporating them into a religious composition, or created individual works like “Portrait of a Man with an Arrow”.

This work is distinguished by accuracy characteristics and great truth of life. The benevolence and calm attitude towards the portrayed made Memling one of the most popular masters of his time. He does not try to embellish, flatter his hero, but with a special feeling shows dignity and attractive features in his appearance and character.

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