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Portrait of the Marquise Brigitte Spinola Doria, Rubens, 1606

Portrait of the Marquise Brigitte Spinola Doria, Rubens, 1606

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Portrait of the Marquise Brigitte Spinola Doria - Peter Paul Rubens. 152.5x99

Rubens is one of the most famous and fruitful painters of the Baroque era, whose works are in all major museums in the world. In many respects this was facilitated by the artist’s workshop, where numerous assistants performed large-format canvases with him. However “Portrait of the Marquise Brigitte Spinola Doria” completely written by Rubens. It was created during the artist's stay in Italy.

Brigitte Spinola Doria came from an influential Genoese noble family of Doria, whose representatives fought for the first roles in the state. She was married to Captain Spinola, commander of the Spanish forces. For the creative heritage of Rubens, this portrait is distinguished by some severity and restraint. The model is dressed in a heavy dress with a tight corset, his sleeve bells resemble metal knightly armor. The face and dress of the marquise are clearly written out, an integral image of the aristocrat is created. To show the high position of the portrait, Rubens shifted the compositional plans and placed a fragment of the architectural ionic portico on one level with the face of the lady, as if raising her above the subjects.

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