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Madonna and Child, Vittore Carpaccio

Madonna and Child, Vittore Carpaccio

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Madonna and Child - Vittore Carpaccio. 84.8x68.3

Bellini's student Vittore Carpaccio, who introduced purely Venetian naturalistic details into the religious plot, did not forget that the painting should first of all be an ornament and please the eye. He possessed magnificent imagination and loved cheerful, bright colors, which perfectly suited the style of easel Venetian painting. The artist transferred the effect of biblical tales to his festive atmosphere of urban life.

Virgin and Child It is presented sitting on the background of a recognizable medieval landscape with high towers, a majestic castle on the mountain and a stone bridge thrown across a full-flowing river. In the clouds of the sunset sky the heads of two angels with butterfly wings flutter, whose faces are so individual that, probably, the master wrote them from specific children. Madonna's pose is pacifyingly calm, she is busy with reading, but at the same time she is watching her divine Son, who contemplates the world around him with a blessing gesture.

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