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Charles Bridge in Prague, Oscar Kokoschka, 1936

Charles Bridge in Prague, Oscar Kokoschka, 1936

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Charles Bridge in Prague - Oscar Kokoschka. 94x128

Oscar Kokoszka, a famous Austrian artist, Czech by nationality, in 1934 moved to Prague, the homeland of his ancestors. The beauty of the old city, freely stretching along the banks of a wide river, the splendor of its churches and palaces made a strong impression on the traveler who traveled a lot. He enthusiastically painted views of the Czech capital.

In this picture, Kokoschka depicts one of the most striking sights of Prague - Charles Bridgethrown over the deep Vltava in the XIV century. The painter, working in an impressionistic manner, conveys through a palette of bright blue, green and olive-gray tones the impression of a river, which reflects the blue of the sky, the greenery of gardens and the ancient stones of ancient buildings. Expressively swaying dynamic strokes, nervous trembling of contours and flickering of pinkish glare create an emotionally saturated atmosphere. The panoramic landscape with a view of the Prague Kremlin that opens up in the distance is painted with epic breadth and a subtle tremulous feeling.

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