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Venus in front of the mirror, Titian Vecellio

Venus in front of the mirror, Titian Vecellio

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Venus in front of the mirror - Titian Vecellio. 124.5x105.5

The work of Titian, the greatest Venetian artist, is one of the peaks of Italian painting of the 16th century. The master created many portraits, he also painted pictures on mythological subjects. Titian often portrayed the goddess of love, all these works are permeated with sensuality, which increased over time. In his later paintings, the painter expressed the power of female beauty that delights contemporaries and the next generation.

Beautiful half-naked Venus sits on a rich bed, a richly embroidered, fur-trimmed cape is lightly thrown over her luxurious body. She involuntarily put her hand to her chest, as if surprised by the beauty that she saw in the mirror supported by her faithful companions - cupids. The vibrant, warm color of the body of the goddess becomes the main organizing principle in the picture. The artist so easily prescribes shadows that a red undermining shines through the colorful layer. In bright places paints are applied densely and pasty. All this allowed Titian to achieve sonority of color and special expressiveness of the texture of the painting.

Earlier painting "Venus in front of the mirror" decorated the Hermitage, but in 1937 it was sold to Andrew Mellon and subsequently donated to them by the Washington National Gallery.

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