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Museum of Ancient Weapons Arsenal, Lviv, Ukraine

Museum of Ancient Weapons Arsenal, Lviv, Ukraine

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This article talks about one of the weapon museums in the city of Lviv. We will talk about the history of this museum, its exposition and exhibits that are its pride.

History of the Arsenal Museum

The opening of the Arsenal Museum was held on May 18, 1981.. The building of the city arsenal, one of the architectural monuments of the city of Lviv in the 16th century, was chosen as the building of the museum.

Museum exposition

Exposition of the Arsenal Museum built in chronological order. This is one of the key features of this museum. The museum exposition begins with weapons of the XI century and reaches the beginning of the XX. Moreover, everything is built in such a way that the visitor will be able to fully trace the evolution of weapons from the very beginning. And many of the exhibits are not just weapons, but also a magnificent work of art. After all, it’s not uncommon for weapons for noble people of that time to be made with the addition of precious metals, stones, pearls and ivory. Therefore, visiting various expositions, you can touch not only a piece of the history of weapons business, but also real art creations made by weapons masters of that time.

Today the exposition includes several sections: edged weapons, pole arms, firearms, throwing and armor. There is also an exposition dedicated to orders, medals and emblems.

Weapons exhibits

In the museum's exposition you will find a huge selection of weapons, from a wide variety of peoples and times. In particular, halberds, axes, maces, knives, blades, daggers, scimitars, two-handed swords, three-handed swords. All of them participated in real battles, and many of them have excellent safety and are always ready to delight visitors Arsenal Museum.


Of course, one cannot fail to say about the armor presented at the exposition. Numerous plate armor, shields, chain mail, helmets, gauntlets, and grips are presented here. One of the pearls of the museum is considered armored "winged hussars" - the main force of the Commonwealth of the XVII-XVIII centuries. After all, “winged hussars” left their typos in the history of Ukraine, and their armor is an unusual sight.

In conclusion, we can also say that everyone who visits the city of Lviv must visit the arsenal museum. Indeed, it is in it that the most extensive storage of small arms in Ukraine is located. It includes both hand-held small arms and cannons. Believe me, the sight of magnificent 17th-century mortars will not leave indifferent more than one weapon connoisseur.

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