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Olesky Castle Museum, Ukraine, Olesko

Olesky Castle Museum, Ukraine, Olesko

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One of the biggest attractions of the town of Olesko is their castle museum. Firstly, the museum is visible to anyone at the entrance to the city, and secondly, it is one of the brightest monuments of history and culture of this region. Let's consider in more detail Olesky Castle Museum.

History of the Olesko Castle Museum

Until now, truthful information about the foundation of the castle in Olesk has not reached for certain. The first written references to this building appear in 1327. This suggests that it could have been founded much earlier. It is also not known for certain by whom it was erected, but according to historians this person could be one of the sons of the Galician-Volyn prince Danila Galitsky. In turn, the castle itself had several roles. Its main role was to protect and maintain positions - a reliable bastion in hostilities. Therefore, the decision to build it on a hill, as well as the construction of a stockade and a water ditch in its circle, was quite reasonable. Until the 15th century, he very successfully coped with his task. So, he withstood the invasion of the Tatar-Mongol yoke.

The next round of the development of the history of Olesko Castle is the period after the second half of the 15th century, when the castle turned from a fortified bastion into a chic residence of Polish nobility. So, it was in this castle, in 1629, the future king of Poland, Jan Sobieski, was born. His wife, Frenchwoman Maria Casimir, did titanic work to restore the castle and give it a luxurious and elegant look. After its miraculous influence, a castle with a large number of plants, sculptures and fountains appeared at the castle.

The penultimate period of the history of the Castle begins in 1838 and ends in 1975. This was not a good time for the castle, since in 1838 there was a strong earthquake that damaged the castle, after which it fell into disrepair. And also the unexpected discovery of the treasure in the basement of the castle began to attract many who wanted to get hold of it, which finally destroyed this wonderful place.

Well, the last period of the castle begins in 1975, when it was transferred to the Lviv Art Gallery. It was restored and received its current appearance.

At the moment Olesky Castle Museum not just an important architectural monument, but a repository of a large number of works of art that any visitor to this museum can see.

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