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Painting "View of the Village" ("Rural View"), Frederic Bazil


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View of the village - Frederic Basil. 132.3x90.4

The painting "View of the Village" in another translation is called "Rural View". It was written four years after the Pink Dress and is, as it were, a new edition of it, more, so to speak, “impressionistic”.

Before us is again a girl sitting in a light dress on a high hill, from which she can watch the panorama spread out in front of her, framed below by dark crowns of trees. This time the landscape is more saturated, and the opening perspective is deeper, extending far into the distance. Here is a blue river mirror, reflecting the blue of the sky, and a sandbank almost whitened by the sun, and then small houses of the small town, whitish from the bright sun, and a green strip of forest on the horizon. The girl here is sitting in a half-turn. But this time, her beautiful white face with a bright blush turned to the audience.

With her back she almost touches the trunk of a pine tree, which, stretching almost to the full scale of the picture, enlivens the sky background with branches with needles. The painting was certainly written by a talented artist.

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