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Four Dancers - Edgar Degas

Four Dancers - Edgar Degas

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The four dancers are Edgar Degas. Oil on Canvas. 151,1x180,2

French impressionist painter Edgar Degas looked at the world as a kaleidoscope of colored spots. He turned constantly changing species into a certain composition and then used in his paintings. The elusive moment became eternal, being the essence of impressionism. The main source of inspiration for Degas was opera and ballet. Here he could observe the smooth gestures and constant movement of the ballerinas on stage and during rehearsals, those volatile random forms from which he built his compositions.

But the painter was not limited to passing fleeting, in the picture "Four dancers" he is experimenting with artificial lighting - artists are illuminated by the rays of green and red spotlights. These colors are mixed on the figures and the curtain, red-red turns into green and vice versa. Degas considered this work one of the best in his work and did not want to part with it.

Canvas "Four dancers" refers to the latest creations of the artist in oil. The canvas clearly shows the influence of pastel painting, in which Degas worked in recent years, when vision began to deteriorate.

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