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Museum of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) in Kiev

Museum of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) in Kiev

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SBU - the security service of Ukraine - is located in a beautiful building on 1913 Vladimirskaya Street. And here About the SBU Museum, which is located in the same building, unfortunately, not everyone knows.

Of course, getting to the museum is not so easy - the facility is modal, you can only enter the building by a pass. Therefore, it is better to arrange a visit to the exposition as part of a general tour. In this case, the application is prepared and submitted to the security service by the head of the group, including necessarily the passport data of all participants. It may seem that such difficulties are useless - but believe me, the result is definitely worth the effort. It contains unique exhibits, each with its own story, reminiscent of a real detective novel.

It has everything that you read about in action-packed works. False noses and beards, soft toys stuffed with heroin and “weed” to the eyeballs, anonymous letters with threats addressed to the country's top officials, explosives, fake money and confiscated cold and firearms. Some exhibitions are even used as educational material for beginners of the SBU - so they can learn more about what the organization historically does, where they went to work. Basically, this is just a museum, simply filled with the most unusual things.

The exhibitions are divided by subject, for example, there is a large-scale exposition devoted exclusively to drugs - either packaged in bags or hidden in teddy bears, pillows and children's dolls. Here you will find out that there are many ways to hide the treasured powder or a couple of pills. You can hide the drug inside a mobile phone, in a suitcase with a classic double bottom or in the sole of a boot.

Of course, the "showcase" with weapons and explosives (including the so-called self-made) also attracts attention. All this can be perceived as a visual report of the state security service on the work performed. Each of the exhibits could bring death and destruction - but instead was seized and is now peacefully decorating the shelf. By the way, a special unit of the SBU is engaged not only in the actual search for explosive materials, but also destroys the recipes for the manufacture of such dangerous compounds in print media and in the vastness of the global network.

History buffs will also see an exhibition of genuine works of art from different years. All these valuables are confiscated from smugglers. Visitors are always amazed by the variety: there are icons, old books, various engravings, all kinds of jewelry, even the real ancient shroud.

Another stand is entirely devoted to the activities of the special unit “Alpha”. The museum provides its guests with the opportunity to admire the special Kevlar uniform, helmets made partially from bulletproof glass, special weapons, including unique reconnaissance knives. And in fact, this article lists hardly a tenth of all “criminal treasures”. Best of all - visit the museum and see it all with your own eyes!

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