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Golden Gate Museum in Kiev, Ukraine

Golden Gate Museum in Kiev, Ukraine

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One of the sights of Kiev - Golden Gate. Over the years, the building gradually collapsed, compared to the ground. Only in 1832 K. Lokhvitsky, being an archaeologist, found the Golden Gate, and now they are an integral part of the center of Kiev.

In 2007, the Golden Gate Museum was opened inside this building. In this museum, visitors are given the opportunity to look at the vast interiors, to get acquainted with the exhibits of the museum, which will tell about the history and architecture of the Golden Gate. You can also see the walls of the 11th century (at that time they used to have passage), climb the stairs to the Church of the Annunciation and see the modern panorama of Kiev from the battlements.

On the ground floor of the museum are exhibits that tell about the history of construction, reconstruction and the existence of the Golden Gate. In the reign of Yaroslav the Wise, this gate was the main, and even the main entrance to the city of Kiev. The exposition tells about this building that, having become unsuitable over time, the gates were covered with earth, but in 1832 the archaeologist Lokhvitsky dug them up, and the architect Mikhevich strengthened them with iron crossbars. Already at the end of the 20th century, they decided to build a protective pavilion over the Golden Gate. Groups of restorers worked to restore the original appearance of the ancient monument, and they succeeded. The opening of the pavilion and the restored gate took place in 1982, this event was specially attached to the 1500th anniversary of Kiev. During the construction of the pavilion, in order to preserve the ancient masonry, it was decided to erect a new structure above it. The main part of the Golden Gate was made in the form of a tower with battlements, and the visible facade of the tower has an additional ledge, the so-called “small tower”. The wooden lattice, which can be lifted, was chained with metal and, in which case, it was possible to block the passage from one side, and from the other - the passage was blocked by gate leaves, which were made similar to the ancient gate.

In the main part of the exposition Golden Gate Museum You can see a demonstration of the remains of the walls of the old Golden Gate. The tour in this part of the bastille is illustrated not only by information stands, but also by audio and video materials, which tell about the whole history of the Golden Gate.

It still remains a fact that in addition to its main defensive mission, the gate also served as a triumphal arch. It was there that important meetings of foreign ambassadors and ordinary guests took place to inspire respect and fear for the power of Kievan Rus, and they also escorted soldiers to the battles with the enemy army.

On the second and third floor, during the tour, visitors are told and shown the ancient Russian weapons used by the soldiers who once defended Kiev. An opportunity to look at pottery, clothes of soldiers and princes of the era of Yaroslav the Wise.

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