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House-Museum of Aleksey Nikolaevich Beketov in Alushta, Ukraine

House-Museum of Aleksey Nikolaevich Beketov in Alushta, Ukraine

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In the beautiful town of Alushta, which is located on the Crimean peninsula, there are many wonderful and interesting architectural structures with their originality. Among shady chestnuts and evergreen cypresses in the Professor’s Corner, which is located in the west of the city of Alushta, there is a luxurious house-museum named after A.N. Beketov. In the nineteenth century, many prominent representatives of the Russian intelligentsia lived and worked in these places. Beketov is just one of them.

Professor's Corner
A. Beketov was born in a professorial family, received higher education and began to work as an architect. During his creative activity he reached considerable heights. In 1898 he received the title - Professor of the Academy of Arts of St. Petersburg. The honored architect of the RSFSR and doctor of architecture Beketov lived in Kharkov until 1941, worked there and died there. He developed more than 70 projects, 40 of which were devoted to Kharkov. So, with confidence, we can say that all the sights of the city were designed by a great architect. According to Beketov’s projects, magnificent buildings were built in Kiev, in the Crimea, in Baku, in Simferopol. It should be noted Alushta villa "Marina" or Simferopol Drama Theater, and the Crimean cottage of the creator does not cease to cause great interest among tourists and architecture lovers.

Beketov built a two-story summer house in Alushta, near the coast, on one of the slopes. From here to the sea you can go down the small stairs and paths. The mansion is made in the East Moorish style, the material of which was the local white-yellow stone. The facade of the building is decorated with carved wooden details, combining great decoration that stands out from the surrounding summer cottages. On the ground floor there is a wonderful open porch, the facade of the roof and columns of which are decorated with carved paintings. The tetrahedral turret with domes looks very harmonious on the roof. In every detail of the building there is nothing superfluous, one detail harmoniously complements the other, giving the building amazing beauty. The whole house is surrounded by a high wall of dense greenery, which gives fabulous construction. This richness and beauty is clearly reflected in the paintings written by the outstanding architect and wonderful landscape painter Alexei Nikolaevich Beketov. His paintings have been preserved and are in the house-museum of his name and with private collectors.

Twenty-five years ago, Beketov’s relatives decided to perpetuate the memory of the great architect and landscape painter with the opening of the museum. To recreate that atmosphere of life, the creator's daughter handed over to the museum personal belongings, photographs, drawings and preserved furniture. For the establishment of the museum, much was done by the first director, candidate of philological sciences, V.P. Tsygannik. In the house-museum there are thousands of exhibits and unique collections collected over the entire existence of the museum. There are also works by famous artists of Ukraine and Crimea: watercolors by Jacob Basov and Hugo Schauffler. The museum constantly hosts exhibitions, theme nights, meetings of contemporary artists, architects, writers.

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