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Water Museum in Kiev - video and address of the museum, Ukraine

Water Museum in Kiev - video and address of the museum, Ukraine

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Museums dedicated to one of the important sources of all things on earth - water, are available in many countries of the world. Among the world's top rated large-scale exhibitions dedicated to the amazing transformations of the water element are the Water Museum of St. Petersburg, Minsk, Tehran, Stirum (Germany), Lisbon, New York, Montreal. Since 2003, a worthy place among them has been taken by the Kiev Water Museum with official status - "Water Information Center of Ukraine".

It is located in Khreshchaty Park - the most picturesque place of the historical center of the capital in the reconstructed water tower, which is more than 130 years old. The tower is a historical monument of architecture and the main "pillar" of several generations of Kiev. A fascinating museum exposition, displaying the water cycle in nature, was created in its original form. Here are collected unique exhibits, mock-ups, samples of various sewage systems and water towers, ancient pipes, visual aids that give an idea of ​​the metamorphoses of fresh water on our Planet. The characters of the old system of uneconomical use of water in bathrooms are “beaten”.

At the very beginning of the 45-minute excursion, one gets acquainted with the history of the development and establishment of the capital's water supply networks, water production from ancient times. Then visitors get acquainted with the expositions presented in seven specialized exhibition zones:

  1. “Nature on the surface of the earth” presents visitors with a picture of the water resources of Ukraine and the whole Earth, the ways of their pollution by man. Here is a unique exhibit - a huge aquarium that displays a section of Ukrainian rivers with their flora and fauna.
  2. "Nature underground." Visitors go down here by elevator to get acquainted with the structure of the soil, its significance for water purification, the age and movement of ground water, the current model of an artesian well.
  3. "Water intake, water treatment and water transportation." Here you can trace the whole way of life-giving moisture from water treatment plants to apartments, both in Ukraine and around the world.
  4. "Water use". Here, a comparative chart gives an idea of ​​water consumption per person in different countries of the world. This allows you to see the place of Ukraine in compliance with WHO requirements.
  5. "Water" introduces samples of modern models of plumbing, schemes of the main sewer collectors.
  6. "Wastewater treatment" demonstrates the technology of this process, and with the help of a monitor you can trace the path of effluents from the house to the treatment systems.
  7. "World of Water" is a spectacle of waterfalls, geysers, glaciers, mirror rivers, thunderstorms, with a landscape reproduced from one of the Crimean caves.

One of the differences between a water museum and traditional museums is that it is allowed to touch all the exhibits. In the playroom, children can create river beds with their own hands, play with soap bubbles, touch goldfish. Therefore, many call this museum also an entertainment institution. After the tour, visitors can again approach the miraculous water of the most beautiful pump room in Kiev, which is located 100 meters from the entrance to this unique museum.

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