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Female figure by the window, Salvador Dali, 1925

Female figure by the window, Salvador Dali, 1925

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A female figure by the window is Salvador Dali. 1925

In 1925, Salvador Dali painted a wonderful picture - “Female figure by the window”, which is located in the Reina Sofia Art Center (Madrid). This creation is almost the most perfect of all that the painter created while studying at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (from which he was expelled).

The model of this picture was the sister of the author Ana Maria. The canvas is executed masterly and masterfully - it is not for nothing that Dali revered the great artists of past eras. It is written in the style of realism, and from this point of view is literally a masterpiece. The play of light perfectly emphasizes the color nuances. At the same time, Dali’s unique style is already being honored in the work: it seems that Cadaques Bay (which is what he is visible outside the window) and the girl are in different realities.

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