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Museum of Shipbuilding and Navy, Ukraine, Nikolaev

Museum of Shipbuilding and Navy, Ukraine, Nikolaev

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Ukraine is rich in various museums. I want to talk about Museum of shipbuilding and navy of the city of Nikolaev. Admiralskaya street is rich in historical monuments, wherever you turn, you will everywhere bump into some historical complex or monument, and possibly a museum. The whole atmosphere of the street is filled with history. For example, the fleet museum is located in the former residence of the command staff of the Black Sea Fleet, and the building itself was built at the end of the nineteenth century and belongs to historical monuments. Therefore, it was not by chance that he was given to the shipbuilding museum.

Nikolaev is the city of shipbuilding of the Black Sea Fleet, where over the years a large amount of various rare material has accumulated. The issue has arisen of creating a museum to preserve the history of the revival of shipbuilding in Ukraine. The leadership of the Nikolaev regional executive committee in 1973 decided to transfer the old mansion for use as a fleet museum. The decoration of the interior was done by artists of the Nikolaev Art Fund, and a whole guard of scientists from the regional museum of local lore worked on the selection of exhibits.

On the day of the celebration of the Navy in 1978, the grand opening of the memorial monument and museum in one person took place, dedicated to shipbuilding and the navy. The museum is still operating.

Now there are more than three thousand different exhibits. All of them are harmoniously located in the fourteen halls of the museum. Here you can admire the presented models of the first ships built at the local shipyard, and ending with the latest, modern models. All presented models have supporting documents. Fragments of raised boats from the Ukrainian rivers and the Black Sea, which were built in the distant nineteenth century, are considered unique.

Some halls are devoted to expositions of unique collections of ancient weapons of past centuries. Pistols, sabers, halberds, mortars, and other artifacts are displayed here. Inhabitants of Nikolaev also take an active part in replenishing the ancient collections of the museum, they donate unique antiquities that have been stored at home for hundreds of years.

In general, the museum in its image resembles the former St. Petersburg Admiralty. There was also a large dome for the observatory, where Admiral Greig had fun at one time. You can’t even imagine that such a powerful person as the seasoned Admiral Greig will be carried away by stars. He was a big fan of observing the starry sky and, subsequently, became a philanthropist during the construction of a new large observatory in Nikolaev.

Today, the museum has more than eight thousand exhibits telling about the history of the city, about the construction of the first ships of the nineteenth century at the Nikolaev shipyard. The narrative is framed in a diorama by a talented artist, laureate of a state award named after T. G. Shevchenko, V. Semernev.

The Icarus yacht model or commemorative busts of admirals and famous heroes of the fleet look very colorful. Visit the museum and you won’t regret it!

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