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Getty Museum, Los Angeles, USA

Getty Museum, Los Angeles, USA

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One of the largest art museums in California is called Getty MuseumIt was opened to visitors relatively recently, in December 1997. The museum itself is located in a rather picturesque place, on one of the highest peaks, the hill, which is located in Santa Monica.

Quite amazing in its architecture, the museum was designed by the famous architect Richard Meyer. At the same time, the financial costs of the construction itself amounted to about $ 1.2 million, and at the same time, visitors to this Getty Museum themselves can easily go to all the collected exhibitions, as well as walk through the wonderful local gardens and everything is completely free.

The museum center itself was opened with the considerable assistance of the oil magnate, famous Paul Getty, who at the end of the distant 1950s could become the richest man in the whole world, while he managed to maintain his title until the end of his life. Therefore, there is absolutely nothing to be surprised that Paul Getty himself managed to leave a substantial sum from his huge multi-billion dollar fortune for the needs of this museum and the construction of a completely new building. The Getty Museum itself is also now considered the most famous and wealthiest acquisition of all past auctions, and also in the private collection of famous works of art by masters of that ancient school of ancient, ancient sculptors. At the same time, the employees of this museum are also the most welcome visitors at all the ongoing, prestigious auctions that take place in New York and London.

In the courtyard of the Getty Museum

For design, the architect Richard Meyer was chosen, and it is not by chance that it was. He is also quite well known for his interesting work on the precise creation of public and office buildings, and in addition, he had a hand in creating several museum buildings in the project. He also worked for some time on the creation of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Frankfurt, a German city, the Museum of Modern Art, which is located in Barcelona, ​​at the modern headquarters of the popular firm Canon and Siemens. Founder Richard Mayer himself in 1984 received the Pritzker Prize - this is the highest award for possible achievements in the architectural field. Richard Mayer also works in the style of American modernism, and at the same time is a leading and famous representative of the New York avant-garde style. One of its main highlights was the project, which in the end was able to become famous all over the world, these were buildings that were made entirely of white.

In general, the entire exposition space of the famous Getty Museum consists entirely of five huge galleries, which, in turn, are located in various pavilions, interconnected and thus form an enclosed space around this entire central courtyard. In the gallery halls themselves on the ground floor were located ancient manuscripts and drawings, as well as sculptures, and various works of ancient masters of art. They decided to give the second floor of this gallery to various expositions of picturesquely executed canvases, which they decided to arrange in these halls of a consonant chronology of those years.

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