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Queens Museum of Art, New York, USA

Queens Museum of Art, New York, USA

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Queens Museum of Art - It is, of course, one of the main museums of art and part-time educational center, which is located in the New York area of ​​Queens. The city building itself is also located in the Flushing Moodows-Corona Park, and it was built there, just to be able to host the World Exhibition, which took place in 1939. The UN General Meetings, which took place in it from 1946 to 1950, also played a very significant role in increasing the popularity of this building. Now the museum itself is located here, it was founded in 1972, and at the same time began to fulfill the functions of a historical place and directly a museum of fine arts, as well as an educational center.

The historically completed pavilion, which remained from the World Exhibition, which took place in 1939, was designed by Aimar Amberi the Second, and by 1964 the building itself was again renovated according to the completed project of architect Daniel Chait, so that after that it would again be possible to host the World Exhibition, which was planned for 1964. For the first time, the Panorama of New York was presented at the exhibition, in simple terms, this is a large-scale model, which was supposed to represent five districts of this city. The model has become a very famous exhibit in the exposition of this museum.

Nowadays, by the beginning of 2009, the museum began to carry out multimillion-dollar projects devoted mainly to the expansion of the area. Construction companies and engineering firms that are engaged in reconstruction began to implement the project itself, which later allowed to increase the size of the entire museum space as a whole to 9,300 square meters, stretching it completely through all the buildings that the museum itself occupies. To be more precise, the ice rink, which had previously been in the southern part of this building, had already been transferred. Prior to this, the rink was there for six years in a row.

The Queens Museum of Art's educational program attracts approximately 30,000 people each year, including children and adults. At the same time, various courses are designed for the most diverse audience. The training programs here can constantly vary, starting with the most individual excursions for one single class and ending with many years of cooperation. It is here that schoolchildren can study architecture and art, as well as geography, history and modern design, and the ability to handle maps is taught, moreover, directly on the museum exhibits. In addition, in the arsenal of this museum there is also a large mass of all family programs and, of course, programs created especially for the older generation, which without fail include retrospectives of classical concerts, films and, of course, all kinds of various meetings and circles are obligatory organized.

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