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The painting "Italian landscape. Evening ”, Aivazovsky - description

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Italian landscape. 108x160

Peace, tranquility, serenity spreads in the air of a wonderful day, already declining. The Italian coast is calm and thoughtful; light ripples run through the surface of the sea, but the breeze is almost invisible. At such a time, it is pleasant to stroll slowly on a boat along the calm sea, admiring the picturesque coast of Italy!

In the picture Aivazovsky Italian landscape. The evening is dominated by a soft blue-blue gamut, in which a soft pink pastel and a little golden shades are added - reflections of the hidden sun on the walls of the coastal city, on the sail of a fishing schooner and on the sea surface. Light pink and purple shades make the horizon more romantic with foggy outlines of mountains.

Closer to the left edge of the canvas, the paint is richer, thicker: evening is approaching. But people walking in the boat still catch the glimpses of the outgoing day, admiring the magnificent landscape of the Apennines from the sea.

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