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NEMO Museum, Amsterdam, Holland

NEMO Museum, Amsterdam, Holland

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Amsterdam is famous for many of its attractions, but one of them captivates with its unexpected presentation. It goes about the museum on the contrary, which is called NEMO. It was built according to the plan of the architect Renzo Piano, who became famous for creating a new architectural style - hi-tech. The extravagant Pompidou Cultural Center in Paris was also built according to his project.

What is the building of the NEMO Museum?

The building of the NEMO Museum has become a symbol of Amsterdam. It is made in the form of a ship and consists of four spatial levels. The author intentionally applied his signature technique and turned the building inside out. This structure is an exact and mirror projection of the tunnel, only performed on the ground.

The idea of ​​the museum is the scientific presentation of new technologies, and it is supposed to be through independent and illustrative examples. Its main audience is curious children, who from an early age engage in innovation, as well as adolescents interested in the technical development of mankind. When creating the museum, the calculation was made right, because by visiting it, the child himself can participate in the creation of unique discoveries.

There will always be an unforgettable feeling from visiting NEMO, since here it was possible to realize the effect of the presence of a person immediately in all corners of the room. Wherever you are, in whatever corner of the exposition you are, you are observing at the same time the action of people on all four huge levels of the building.

The museum is unusually interesting. It gives detailed explanations to specific examples for children and adults on how the interaction of important parts of the world around us occurs, and anyone can participate in exciting experiments. The expositions are designed so that the higher the floor, the older the child should be. At the same time, the museum has a rule that all exhibits must be touched, played with, and even assemble robots from improvised materials.

Description of the museum exposition from 1st to 4th floor

The first floor is a vivid show using huge soap bubbles and more. Here you will find entertaining games based on the laws of chemistry, psychology, optics, etc. Laughter and smiles are caused by children who do not want to leave the huge soap balls.

In one of the halls of the NEMO MuseumView from the second floorMule bubbles and children

Excellent textbooks on magnetic fields are noteworthy. The experiment with hundreds of small magnetic arrows and a massive magnet leaves no one indifferent. Here, experiments are conducted with mirrors, electric discharges, you can see a space exhibition with a real meteorite, the original structure of a man, and a child in the walls of the museum can for a while, for example, be an architect.

If you rise above, then the attention of the audience is invited to the pavilion, designed to educate adolescents in the field of relations. It is represented by wooden figures of people and special films.

On the fourth floor of the museum is a stepped roof. It resembles a real deck of a ship with a beautiful view of the ancient city of Amsterdam.

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