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“The seashore at night. At the lighthouse ", Aivazovsky - description of the painting

“The seashore at night. At the lighthouse

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Sea shore at night. 58 x 81 cm

One of the earliest works of the artist’s Feodosia collection dates back to the student period when Aivazovsky studied at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. A painting was painted in 1837.

The obvious influence of M. N. Vorobyov, the teacher and mentor of the future greatest painter, is still noticeable: the sea is not so natural as in subsequent works, the sky is rather frightening than realistic, and the details of the picture are from driftwood and boats in the background to swaying in different sides of sailing ships near the horizon on the far - would more fit the canvas, made in the genre of phantasmagoria.

Still noticeable, however - this is not a blind imitation of the teacher, and far from an imitation of painting samples, the authoritative founders of the genre.

Aivazovsky set himself the task of conveying the futility of human existence (in the center of the picture is a human figure with hands outstretched towards the sea), as if squeezed from both sides by water and air. Despite the fact that the plot of the picture unfolds at night, the moon has not risen so high above the horizon, and the lighthouse is still (or already?) Not lit.

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