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The Beatles Museum in Liverpool

The Beatles Museum in Liverpool

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Here, from the entrance, unobtrusive music sounds. Official name - The Beatles Story. It is located on the territory of the Port of Liverpool in the basement of Albert Dock, which is part of the ensemble of administrative buildings, which in themselves are recognized as a monument of historical heritage and are protected by UNESCO.

The museum is small, it can even be called part of the museum, because in Liverpool there are so many places associated with the legendary four that museum exhibits are actually scattered throughout the city. All 18 rooms of the museum are conditionally divided into 3 thematic zones. In the first hall, the whole history of the group. Here you can find a lot of photos, musical instruments of the group and their concert costumes, the first vinyl records, lyrics, archived video, eyewitness accounts and personal items. Among the exhibits, there are even such unusual ones as the cries of female fans rushing from the museum columns.

The second zone is dedicated to individual members of the group, their career and creativity. For example, in the hall of John Lennon, called the "white room with a white grand piano," the music "Imagine" is constantly heard. In general, music is present everywhere, in every hall, and in each hall it corresponds to the period of the Beatles creativity, which the exposition narrates about.

At one of the expositions, a life-size part of the street with a working layout of the famous The Cavern pub, from where the Beatles began their star trek, is presented. Inside it, everything is recreated as it was in the 60s of the XX century. The same interior, the same, very small scene. There is also a record store for Brian Epstein, who played a key role as a group manager in their conquest of the global audience. They met just in the pub "The Cavern".

A separate stand tells about the significant flight of the Beatles to America in 1964 and their deafening success in this country, which no one has achieved before. There is also a stand allocated for gifts from Russian and Soviet fans of the group, sent over different years. And at the exit from the museum, of course, a souvenir shop.

When visiting the museum, fans of the group can use the audio guide and hear not only their concerts, but also the lively voices of those who have forever changed the face of the modern world, and I want to believe for the better.

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