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Luftwaffe Museum in Berlin

Luftwaffe Museum in Berlin

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This museum is perhaps the most interesting of all the military historical museums created by the Bundeswehr. After the war, this already full-fledged air base belonged to the Royal Air Force of Britain, and soon, after the withdrawal of British troops and the reunification of Germany, here, in 1990, it was decided to provide part of the hangars and base areas for the organization Germany's largest aviation museum. And already in 1995, the museum presented its collections to visitors.

For the past centuries, Germany has always been at the epicenter of military events, and therefore there were no particular problems with the collection of exhibits reflecting the development of military aviation and air defense systems in the 20th century. In the open air airdrome areas, various airplanes and helicopters are presented, both of the recent past and quite modern models. Here NATO and the USSR and the Bundeswehr’s peacefully coexist. Samples of military radar equipment and air defense systems of various countries are also exhibited at special sites of the former air base.

The most valuable exhibits of the museum are located in hangars. Here, unique samples of aviation equipment from the beginning of the 20th century and the times of the 2nd World War, samples of the equipment of pilots of that time and aviation weapons are stored. Among the exhibits there is also the uniform of the legendary ace of the 1st World War - Manfred von Richthofen and his distant relative, who fought already in the 2nd World War - Wolfram von Richthofen. Unchanged popularity is also enjoyed by such an exhibit as the uniform of Hermann Goering, who commanded the Luftwaffe during Hitler's time.

The expositions of the museum are so interesting and varied that a visitor interested in the history of technology does not have enough even one day to fully enjoy all this museum splendor. Fortunately, visiting the museum is free.

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