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Museum of Living Butterflies in St. Petersburg

Museum of Living Butterflies in St. Petersburg

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These are unusual museums in which visitors find themselves in a real tropical paradise, filled with beautiful butterfliesthat flutter all over. Often in such museums you can still see exotic birds, fish, a large number of living tropical plants. The magic corner of the tropics will not leave anyone indifferent!

Tropical complex “Miracle in the palm of your hand”

The Miracle in the Palm complex consists of tropical and educational zones where everyone can plunge into the world of wildlife, learn more about animals and plants.

Immerse yourself in the magical world of the tropics! You will find a bright tropical garden, filled with many living butterflies and exotic birds, where the climate of the tropics is completely recreated. In the mini-exotarium you can get acquainted with the chameleon, sticks and other exotic animals. In no case do not limit yourself to just viewing the exposition, because biologists with many years of experience work in the hall, who will be happy to tell about all the inhabitants.

The complex includes 2 interactive spaces:

Tropical Zone (Butterfly Museum Park)

You will find yourself in the hot climate of the tropics (humidity 70-80%, temperature 26-28 ° C). This is a real museum of living butterflies, they flutter everywhere! In addition to butterflies, beautiful birds from Australia live here, and fish splash in the creek. The exposition is decorated with a waterfall and many living plants, there are mangroves, and marsh plants, and creepers, and even carnivorous insectivorous plants! A real tropical thunderstorm session has been prepared for visitors to the garden! Photography is allowed.

Educational zone (includes mini-exotarium and florarium)

In the mini-exotarium, you can take a closer look at the chameleon, bearded agama, stick insects, tarantula, tropical terrestrial mollusks, etc.

A modern automated florarium complex with tropical plants, in which fish and boas live.

Classes for children and schoolchildren with illustrations and visual aids in biology, equipped with the most modern technology. Microbiological station with powerful microscopes. Exciting and very informative courses, master classes and show programs for children.


Museum of Living Butterflies "Tropical Paradise", St. Petersburg, Muchnaya per., 3

The museum fulfills all childhood dreams, because here you can feed butterflies. And there is also a “Maternity Hospital” - a real maternity hospital for butterflies. The insectarium, in which the pupae of unborn butterflies “live”, and every morning at exactly 11.30, and also in the evening at 18.30, the maternity hospital for butterflies opens, and you can see something that is extremely rare in nature: the miracle of hatching a butterfly from a pupa, and also see the “first steps” of newborn butterflies - watch the first flight ...

In the museum you can relax your body and soul - relax and get a boost of vitality, admiring the flight of tropical butterflies. And at the same time, excursions are constantly conducted, and each visitor receives very useful information about life, habitat, nutrition, myths and legends associated with butterflies. Moreover, the information is given in a form accessible to both children and adults. Guides tell complex scientific things to children in a language they understand. Often trips to the tropics begin with a flight: the children spread their “wings” and ... the journey to a beautiful fairy tale begins!

The museum operates under the auspices of the Russian Geographical Society within the framework of the program “Education of Wildlife”, and field trips are organized. During the tour, you will learn that butterflies have not only wings and proboscis, but also vision, hearing, smell, blood and nervous systems. And every day exited visitors come out of the museum, satisfied and rejuvenated in their souls, and besides, enriched with the knowledge acquired in the museum! They will never offend a butterfly, a fly, or even an elephant in nature! Beauty saves the world in Tropical Paradise!

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