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In Ra Mor (In a separate room or Dead Rat) - Toulouse-Lautrec

In Ra Mor (In a separate room or Dead Rat) - Toulouse-Lautrec

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In Ra Mor - Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. 55.1x46

After staying in a psychiatric clinic in Neuilly in early 1899, Toulouse-Lautrec left with his mother in the family estate of Malrom in southern France. His health condition is deteriorating, but after returning to Paris in October of that year, he starts drinking again. In the bars of Montmartre, he squanders huge amounts of money. He regularly visits the trendy restaurant Ra Mor (Dead Rat) located on Pigalle Street. And, of course, does not stop drawing. It happens that he writes a lot of hours in a row, without being distracted by anything. He himself ironically declares: I am engaged in the creation of great paintings.

In Ra Mop - the creation of the artist at the break of his career. Besides the fact that this was already a rather late work of his, it marks the changed style and writing technique of Lautrec. Premature death did not allow this tendency to develop. The underlined irony and a clear rhythm so characteristic are still disappearing. The contour becomes softer and the lines more vague, Toulouse-Lautrec demonstrates the excellent art of color mastery in the image of a person, especially a female. A variety of methods for applying colors - it’s easy and barely replacing, then juicy and sweeping, demonstrates Lautrec’s masterful technique. Thanks to this, he can very gently emphasize the look of the model and convey her lively smile.

Composition In Ra Mor once again demonstrates the undoubted talent of Toulouse-Lautrec in the organization of art space. A slightly shifted downward perspective allows the viewer to see themselves in the picture. The shadows on the right side give the impression that what is happening on the canvas continues somewhere outside our field of vision. All these techniques were used to place the viewer in the space and time of the reality of the picture.

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