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Museum of Natural History in Berlin

Museum of Natural History in Berlin

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The Natural History Museum in Berlin is one of the largest museums in Europe. The Museum of Natural History was founded in 1810 on the basis of the Humboldt University, but there was already not enough space for exhibits, and, after some time, in 1889, according to the plans of the architect Augustus Tide, a new museum building was built. Since that moment, the museum has not moved anywhere else. The building was repeatedly restored, but still preserved in its original form.

During the Second World War, the museum building was seriously damaged: the eastern part of the building was destroyed. But, despite this, the museum was the first in the city to open its doors to visitors after the end of the war in 1945. And the restoration work of the building was carried out relatively recently - in 2009. In 1993 the museum was divided into 3 parts: zoology, mineralogy and paleontology, in 2009 it became an independent institution and became a part of the Association. Leibniz.

Today the Berlin Natural History Museum is an interactive platform with unique exhibits. It is in his collection that the skeleton of giraffatitan is stored - the highest mounted dinosaur skeleton. And the collection of dinosaurs in the museum is very impressive. Noteworthy is the insect hall, where their half-meter models are located, as well as a collection of meteorites that once fell to Earth. Among the collection of minerals you can find the largest piece of amber.

Children will also not be bored in the museum, because in addition to exhibits, various multimedia venues are presented here. You can put on 3D glasses and plunge into the world of ancient dinosaurs, or you can create a model of any animal yourself. Curious people can use the audio guide, which is available in various languages.

In other words, Museum of Natural History in Berlin will not leave anyone indifferent - neither adults nor children. And when visiting Berlin, do not forget to look into this amazing place.

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