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Heineken Beer Museum, Amsterdam

Heineken Beer Museum, Amsterdam

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Someone talks about this place in Amsterdam as a club-museum, someone as a fascinating attraction. it Heineken Beer Museum. And the appearance in 1988 of the museum, whose expositions now occupy more than 3000 m2 and 4 floors in the building where the breweries were located, is a logical continuation of the history of the famous brand.

Initially, the museum gained popularity in a somewhat unusual way - by unlimited tasting of beer, but those days are long gone. However, after the reconstruction in 2008, despite the limitation of the amount of beer during tasting, the museum opened an attraction for “Let me sing!” - A karaoke club where you can record your song, along with friends and immediately post it on the Internet, or drop it on e-mail. For obvious reasons, only those over the age of 18 are allowed into the museum.

The history of the company began in 1864 when Gerard Adrian Heineken opened his first Heineken Brouwerijen brewery in Amsterdam. Now it is the 4th beer company in the world, and its entire history, step by step, is presented at the museum stands located in the shops of the old factory.

It is alleged that the beer recipe has not changed for more than 150 years, and anyone can be convinced of this by going through the expositions telling about the beer production process. Here you can try all the ingredients of this drink and participate in each operation of its production. Here you can even stay at the place of the bottle and experience all the scrapes that it experiences on the conveyor before it is filled with amber liquid. And after this fun interactive show, you can try a glass of cool beer and take a picture for memory of the original drum kit from beer kegs.

Posters telling about the history of the company’s development are hung around the museum. Here you can take a break on space-loungers and watch Heineken commercials, many of which are prize-winners of Cannes lions, which is very unusual for advertising. In the brewhouse you can see firsthand the processes that take place in huge old cauldrons where hops and wort were cooked, and even look into them. Here you can join the Heineken brand and order a personalized beer bottle with your own label design.

And this fascinating journey into the world of beer ends with an excursion on a water tram through the canals of Amsterdam to the Heineken brand store, where to top it off, they present a souvenir in memory of this original museum of wonderful beer.

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